• Academy In Kajiado, Kenya

    This school in Kajiado in the south Western side of Kenya has a fully masterplanned development that will offer secondary school students, teachers and support staff a full lifestyle with all amenities in proximity to home. Comfortable place for students to live in.

    Academy In Kajiado, Kenya
  • Holiday Cottages in Diani, Kenya

    This project entails development of several cottages for a leading record label at the Coast of Kenya.  

    Holiday Cottages in Diani, Kenya
  • Cottages In Laikipia

    This project for several luxury holiday cottages in NaroMoru, Laikipia shall give residents and internationals a great opportunity to own a piece of Central Kenya’s picturesque landscape, with breathtaking views of Mt. Kenya on one side, and the Aberdare ranges on the other. Really a great place to call home.

    Cottages In Laikipia
modern house design

Building Technology Consultants are specialists in building technology. They have a wealth of information on building technology at their fingertips. If you are planning for a mega commercial project, then you will find the services of a building technology consultant worthwhile.

great modern house design

Engaging Building Design Consultants in your real estate developments is as important as the funds needed for the project. Being a development manager does not guarantee you expertise in the field, you need an expert to whom you can outlay your plans, in layman and leave the execution to them in an architectural perspective.

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The world of architecture is ever changing, with new trends unfolding each day. Buildings being designed need to incorporate these innovations in an appropriate and cost effective manner. This is what builddesigner.com wishes to guide you into today. Connect with us!

modern house design

Building of Environmentally Friendly Sustainable Neighborhoods

The advancement of sustainable neighborhoods and residential zones which are environmentally friendly and sustainable is definitely a beneficial cause. This sort of undertaking may end up in boosting the livelihoods of a large number of individuals who may live in a specific place. Residential developments that happen to be fresh and yet to get constructed […]

modern house in kenya

Energy Efficient Buildings Using Solar Energy

Energy efficient design is an inbuilt part of creating energy efficient buildings that are sustainable. One of the principal components of energy efficient design is the whole element of usage of natural renewable sources of energy. Interestingly there is a significant number of energy sources open to building developers. Solar energy is definitely one of […]

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